Founded in 1978 as a Flexible PVC Compounder

We have come a long way since our inception in a 12,000 sq. ft. facility utilizing two extruders and strand dies, to today where we have six automated lines in our 55,000 sq. ft. facility. This growth is a testament to our compounding capabilities and commitment to our customers.

Polyflex History


Polyflex was founded in 1978 as it was a passion and dream of the founder and current CEO. In the early days, strand dies with single screw extruders were the mainstay, but as we grew so did the capital reinvestment and the quality of our equipment. Today we operate six lines and have over 100 Million lb of capacity to serve our customer needs. At the core of our growth is our philosophy of customer service, capital reinvestment and quality pellets.

Customer Service


At the heart of our philosophy is adaptability, which allows us to quickly change to meet customer needs. Our growth can be attributed to our goal of exceeding customer expectations. Our team of PVC experts have put their vast knowledge of the industry to work time and again to meet exacting customer requirements.

Dedicated Clear Line


Polyflex's commitment to the clear PVC compound market sets us apart from the competition. Our dedicated clear line allows us to have the "clearest" clear in the market and the most user-friendly compound in the industry.

The Future of Polyflex


The future at Polyflex is bright and we look forward to it. Our plan is simple, continue to reinvest in new technology, new products and continue to service service our customers. We believe this has been the key to our success and plan on riding it into the future!

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    Polyflex has a dedicated Research and Development team and a Quality Department ready to assist in new products for a variety of applications. Whether it be extruded or injection molded, Polyflex has the solution.

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