Polyflex Offers an Ever-Expanding Line of Custom PVC Compounds

Our custom PVC compounds can be matched to fulfill a variety of applications. Polyflex can surpass your testing requirements and also fulfill a varying range of color requirements. This includes:

General PVC Compounding

General PVC Compounding

General PVC Compounding

Polyflex's PVC compounds are used in a wide range of products in a wide range of markets. Whether it is a consumer product, lawn & garden, industrial or automotive product we have a compound for you.

With nearly 40 years of experience in PVC Compounding we have the experience, knowledge and capability to serve your plastic processing needs.


Polyflex compounds are preferred in the manufacture of products that require both safety and durability... high-strength, high-density PVC hoses and components that are inherently resistant to most chemicals, while resisting cuts and damage.

QS-9001 / ISO-9001 CERTIFIED

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    Polyflex has a dedicated Research and Development team and a Quality Department ready to assist in new products for a variety of applications. Whether it be extruded or injection molded, Polyflex has the solution.

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