Polyflex Can Produce PVC Compounds to Suit Your Needs

Our PVC compounds range from the most flexible to semi-rigid in a multitude of colors or clears.

Polyflex polyvinylchlorides are used in everything from toys to telecommunication systems and are available in a multitude of colors or clears.

Polyflex meets your needs for custom, nsf-51 and dairy PVC compounds

Specialty compounds can be formulated based on:

Custom PVC Compounding

Custom Compounding

Our versatile compounding equipment is designed to efficiently handle quick changeovers, resulting in an operation uniquely capable of handling small specialty orders as easily as large ones.

Utilizing our remodeled and upgraded lab facility we can develop a compound to meet your needs. Development equipment such as color spectrophotometer, torque rheometer, capillary rheometer, state-of-the-art specific gravity and durometer testing equipment are at the heart of our development capabilities. Using our lab dedicated molding machine to prepare sample plaques and tensile bars assures that the compound will meet your needs.

Quality products. Every time.

Quality Products. Every Time.

To provide you with the utmost in quality, our automated bulk solids transfer system, computer controlled and monitored mixing, and automated ingredient addition system ensure that compounds are consistently manufactured to specification each and every time, with the most uniform pellets in the industry.

Polyflex compounds are preferred in the manufacture of products that require both safety and durability... high-strength, high-density PVC hoses and components that are inherently resistant to most chemicals, while resisting cuts and damage.

QS-9001 / ISO-9001 CERTIFIED

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    Polyflex has a dedicated Research and Development team and a Quality Department ready to assist in new products for a variety of applications. Whether it be extruded or injection molded, Polyflex has the solution.

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